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This is the generally daily journal of an aging kid. This was formerly known as LB's Journal and Scrapbook. Not a clever enough name. There you go. It might become Just Typing but for now we are sticking with The Visible Woman. That gives me the option of using pictures of old educational toys for graphics. And it has the right connotation of risk and exposure.

I try to post something for each day. It doesn't go up until some time late in the day or days after. I sometimes go back and change them after they are posted. Particularly if I see misspelled words and typos. I also may occasionally go back in time and reconstruct days recorded in paper journals. My mother had a long illness in 2002 and this and other circumstances caused a break in the daily nature of this work. Since I am now retired, I may travel more and material may not be available here immediately. I have experimented with different formats, mostly one-page-a-day types. I added sections to segregate ideas from food and workout 'logging' here and there. In April of 2004, I changed the format to separate the essays, chronological ramblings and a variety of other 'sections' into their own, monthly, pages that I updated every day. In January 2005 I went back to a page-a-day format with special sections eliminated and a little larger area for a picture. Infrequent essays were sorted off to another area.

I didn't promote this journal in any way for a long time. No burbs, rings, clubs, contests. It was just for my own use attracting a few readers, mostly known to me. I have now listed myself on Austin Stories. I pass out cards with a domain (www.viswoman.com) that directs people to this site. If you have found your way here, enjoy it. But I still do it for me. Mostly. I actually use it to see what happened to me last month or last year. And, yes, it is hard for me to remember!

As I mentioned about my journal has taken several different forms here. As times go other new formats will appear. Material will disappear and slide away. And maybe surface again.

My current recommendation for reading this journal is to check the journal cover occasionally to click directly to the latest day. You can then go back in time if you've missed days and read forward using the handy little calendar.