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I've had the desire to write down what I was doing and feeling since at least age 18. Before probably. I remember sitting at a portable typewriter in Tucson the summer of my 19th birthday, typing a 'journal entry'on erasable onion skin paper. I've written in a hundred notebooks and filled tablets with musings. I can't stop myself looking at blank books in the book stores. Even though I have empty ones at home. Which one might inspire the most brilliant thoughts ever?

This is different, of course. Those were private. Somewhat. Someone rummaging in my papers could find them. But this is public. Well, as public as this obscure corner of the WEB can be.

There's some extra significance attached to the most mundane thoughts and events when they are correlated to a date and time. I don't know why that is. Someone said "Time doesn't pass, we do." I guess recorded moments and days and our position in them makes sure people know we were here. LB was here. Here's a record of what she ate, what she dreamed, where she went. Just to prove it.

Another reason I'm doing this is that doing it daily and following the rules I make up (and change from time to time) is a kind of mental discipline that I feel I need. Maybe it's 'just typing' but it feels like something more.